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Ladies and Gentlemen!


It's a great pleasure for us that you have visited our site!


   The company "Evro Plus” is the modern manufacturer with highly skilled team, transparent and responsible relation to its consumers and business-partners, with called-for market positions and wide range of qualitative products.


   Our enterprise is founded in 1997 and presented in parapharmaceutical and pharmaceutical market as a wholesale distributor. And since the year 2002 we worked the long way of the start as the manufacturer in these markets. We developed and produced the effective goods which deserve the recognition and demand of consumers and partners.


  Today we offer you the wide range of products for your health and beauty: dietary additives (BAA), medicinal cosmetics, products in the sphere of sport nutrition.


   We always try to improve the quality of the products, make selection of the raw material and packaging materials carefully, improve technologies as well as exercise step-by-step control on all stages of production. The quality of the finished product is confirmed by the certificates of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.


   In March 2012 we set in operation a new production complex which corresponds to European norms and standards. Our quality control system is based on the standards of ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and НАССР (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). Manufacturing of production is carried out on the imported equipment which is certified according to the standards and norms of GMP.


   Our main aim is to create products of high quality.


   We develop dynamically and confidently go with the times!

  Modern medicine is in constant motion, in search of new effective methods and remedies for treating

various illnesses.


  Company "Euro Plus" combined not only time-tested recipes of folk medicine, but also took into

account the need for a comprehensive approach to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And that’s why it offers

to combine the formfor external use - these are medicinal-cosmetic remedies in the form of gels, and

internal, in the form of special dietary additives (BAA).


  Spongilla is a miracle in medicinal cosmetics.


   For centuries, nature creates the best products for us. Flora has been serving people as a source of

health and beauty from the ancient times. Knowledge about medicinal and cosmetic properties of the plants

were passed on from generation to generation.


  A team of specialists "Euro Plus" went through the difficulties in search of such unique remedies which would be effective, natural and safe. We revived unfairly forgotten folk remedy as Spongillawhich was used by our ancestors from many diseases. We adopted forgotten recipes of medical cosmetic remedies formulation on the basis of Spongilla, using for this the most leading modern technologies.


  Traditionally Spongilla was used as a milled spongepowder, and we offer it in the form of a gel, creams, masks, balmsams. The structure of Spongilla contains silica needles which penetrate in the upper layer of epidermis causing local irritation of the skin surface, subcutaneous capillary and blood vessels expansion which occur deeper. It helps to activate the superficial blood supply, control of local pain and provides the excellent resolving effect on the affected areas. When applying Spongillaas a gel, local release of biologically active substances takes place which promote healing of damaged tissues, scars and infiltration resolution as well as restoring local immunity and protective skin function. Amazing results in case of problem-prone skin and fight against pigmentation. Spongilla has been used for a long time as a local irritating remedy in cases of rheumatism and bruises. The ability of Spongilla to resolve infiltrates and haematoma is well-known.


  Only after the aimed actions the body will open its alternative resources. Our company "Euro Plus" is always ready to open slightly the new prospects of knowledge which can help the body to wake up. We are diligently developing effective products which satisfy the needs concerning the human health problems.


  Why does our body need dietary supplements(BAA) and what are their advantages?


  Biologically active additivesappeared at the time when they became necessary. Our daily diet became richer in gustatory sensation but less balanced in composition of nutrients. It is sufficient in calories but it can't provide the body with the required amount of vitamins, micro- and macroelements, the deficit of which causes various diseases, the decrease in immunity. Effective way out of this situation is the use of special dietary additives (BAA).


  BAA - are biologically active substances which have curative effect. They are designed to intensify the adaptive capacity of the organism in adverse conditions, after illnesses, to improve the immune system, fornormalization of the functional disorders in the organism. They are used as an adjunct to the drug therapy of various diseases, during pre- and post-operative period, after radiotherapy and chemotherapy as well as for the prevention of disease progression and disease recurrence prevention.


  There are three main types of how BAA influence the organism.


  Purification - detoxification, elimination of toxins, salts of heavy metals, free radicals from the organism, elimination of mucus, toxins, stones etc.


  Supplementing elimination of the dificit of micro- and macroelements, amino acids,polyunsaturated fatty (essential) acids and other important components inclusive of physiological needs of the body.


  Recovery- stabilization of functions of all organs and systems, restoration of normal metabolism, health recovery by means ofactivation of reserve forces of the organism.


We offer a wide range of products and high quality.


Our team cares about you and your health!


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