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«Active Silicon»

   It is recommended as an additional source of silicon.
   If to talk about the spreading of certain minerals on the Earth, the silicon takes the second place after the oxygen.
   The silicon in our organism is necessary for collagen formation, which is contained in the bones, cartilages and other kinds of connective tissue. Besides, silicon is necessary for inner tissues formation, for example, elastin which provides integrity and elasticity of the blood vessels. The silicon stimulates the immunity and slows down the processes of tissue aging.
   In case of the lack of the silicon such symptoms can occur: appetite lowering, slow wound healing and knitting of the broken limbs, weak white cells activity while infectious process, fragility of nails, skin itching, lowering of the elasticity of the tissues and skin turgor, rising of the vessels penetrability and, as a result, haemorrhagic development. 
   The silicon plays very important role in bones and ligaments strengthening. The researches of the scientists showed that the lack of the silicon in the organism causes the fact that joining tissues lose their solidity. In case of such lack, the resistibility of the organism to the neoplasms, infectious and inflammatory diseases lowers.
   The silicon is necessary for your skin to have a healthy look, because it takes part in collagen production - the main component of the joining tissue which provides flexibility, elasticity of the skin and the joints, cartilages, vessels. Silicon is contained in the form of the silica in the organism. Silica is necessary to provide solidity and elasticity of the epithelial and connective tissues. The elasticity of the skin, tendons, vascular walls depends on the silicon which is contained in them to a considerable degree. Silica provides the preservation of normal turgor by the skin which is connected with the properties of the colloids to swell (they contain silica). The silica breaks the fibroblastic activity of the mesenchimal tissues, stimulating the formation of the granulation and cicatrization.
  Also this remedy is enriched with the vitamin B, E, D3 complexes and calcium.
  The vitamin B complex moistens the skin, helps it to absorb the moisture, to renew the skin tissues and even promotes wound healing.
  Vitamin Вı (thiamine)  improves the well-being in cases of liver diseases, has soothing actions in cases of migraine, relieves rheumatic pains. Vitamin Вı takes part in metabolism, especially of carbohydrates, has favourable influence on the nervous system functioning. It gives the possibility to keep the energetic potential of the organism on the needed level and improves memory. The heightened use of the vitamin Вı is necessary in cases of taking alcohol, caffeine and also for smokers.  
  The next vitamin of B complex is vitamin В2 (riboflavin) . Vitamin В2 improves cell metabolism and provides wound healing, normalizes fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism. It also takes part in the blood formation, helps the organism to produce antibodies, increasing the resistance of the organism to the viruses and infections. That’s why it is vital for immunocompromised people. It preserves skin health, helps it to fight with stress and muscular tiredness.
   Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)  plays an important role in protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism. It takes part in formation of the red blood bodies and antibodies, as well as in DNA and RNA synthesis. It is necessary in cases of long lasting stresses, fatigability, appetite disorders, it helps to fight with depression. Vitamin B6 can prevent eye, brain, nervous system diseases helping to improve the blood circulation in these organs.
   Vitamin B9 (folic acid)  helps in cases of depressions, increased anxiety, takes an active part in the processes of regulation of the functions of the blood formation organs, produces antianemic action in cases of anemia, maintains immune system. Vitamin B9 positively influences the bowels and liver functions, increases the content of the choline in liver and prevents its fatty infiltration.
   After numerous advertising many people associate vitamin Е with healthy skin and shining look. And it is absolutely right because vitamin E really has a property of skin protection from the aging and keeping it in tonus. It is connected with the property of vitamin E to slow down the lipid (fat) oxidation and free radicals formation (antioxidant function) which promotes the youth prolongation of the skin and the whole organism. Furthermore, vitamin E improves blood circulation, maintains the health of the nerves and muscles, improves pressure, strengthens capillary walls. Vitamin Е protects other fat-soluble vitamins from the oxygen destruction, promotes vitamin А absorption. Vitamin E slows down the process of aging and can protect the appearance of senile pigmentation.
   Calcium  takes part in metabolism, maintains the blood pressure in norm, is responsible for blood vessels penetrability. Calcium is very important for bones and teeth formation. It fills the organism with the valuable "constructional material”, helps to make the bones strong, teeth – snow-white, nails - healthy.
   Vitamin D3 maintains the optimal level of calcium in the blood, provides calcium deposition in the bones but not on the vessel walls.

   It is not a medicinal agent.

   Caution when using: individual sensibility to the components.

How to use: adults should take 1 pill 3 times a day with food. Before using consult the doctor.
Course of using: to 1 month, later consult the doctor concerning the course of using.

Keep away from moisture at a temperature not above 25 C.

Shelf-life: 2 years from manufacturing date.

Certified by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine
ТУ У 15.8-30192477-001-2003