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Complex for catarrhal diseases prevention Influenza -Protect

   In cold period of the year the number of the acute respiratory diseases increases. They are accompanied by such unpleasant symptoms as: temperature rise, fever, headache, stuffiness in nose.
   Influenza -Protect is used for the prevention of viral infections as well as for their complex removal. Due to its optimal composition, Influenza -Protect has high effectiveness and actively fights with the symptoms of the chill and influenza and also strengthens the host defenses.   
   Ascorbic acid  has antioxidant properties and helps the immune system to fight with the infection and also fulfills the need in the vitamin C during disease.
   Laboratory and clinical researches showed that echinacea  acts as antibiotic and is the strongest and the most effective vegetable stimulant of the immune system among all well-known nutraceuticals. The plant has biologically active substances which have evident antivirus and antimicrobial activity as well as the ability to stimulate the immune system of the human organism. That’s why echinacea has evident immunomodulatory, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral actions. 
   Ginseng  is known as a king of tonics. Adaptogene, general health-improving and tonic properties of this plant are actively used in cases of diseases which are connected with the deviation in the central nervous system activity. Besides, ginseng is used as a remedy which strengthens the immunity, increases the resistance of the organism to the negative influence of the environment. It stimulates the immune system perfectly. Ginseng is especially valuable as a remedy for the prevention of tumors and infectious diseases because it has an ability to increase the content of the immunoglobulin and immunocompetent cells in the organism.
   Vitamin А  facilitates the resistance of the organism to the infections.
   Vitamin Вı is cells energetic which increases mental and physical capacity to work. It takes part in carbohydrate metabolism, functioning of the nervous system, cardiac muscle and gastrointestinal tract.
   Indications for the use of Influenza-Protect:
- acute respiratory diseases which are accompanied by high temperature, rhinitis, stuffiness in nose, sneezing; 
- rhinitis;
- sinusitis;
- A.R.V.I. prevention;
- strengthening of the immune system of the organism.
How to use: adult should use 1 pill/capsule or 1 package of the powder one time a day during meal, drinking a glass of boiled water. Before using consult the doctor.
Preferred term: consult the doctor.
Contraindication: personal sensitivity to the components, pregnancy, lactation period.
Expiration date: 2 years from the cure date.