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Gel-Mask for Hair With Spongilla

   Gel-Mask for Hair With Spongilla activates skin surface respiration and intensifies the penetration of additional oxygen in it, stimulates the subcutaneous capillaries. Milled silicic needles, which are included in the spongilla composition, appear in the upper layer of epidermis, reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands, improve the condition of the hair follicles. Spongilla belongs to the silicic sponge group. Traditionally it is used as a milled sponge powder, silica which contains needles which penetrate in the upper layer of epidermis causing local irritation of the skin surface, subcutaneous capillary and blood vessels expansion which occur deeper. The active component of the hair mask - spongilla - penetrates into the scalp and prevents hair loss effectively. Unique hair mask with spongilla stimulates blood circulation, provides free penetration of nutrients in the scalp and hair structure. Mask components penetrate directly inside of the hair improving their structure instantly. Due to the action of the mask components hair roots strengthen, integrity of the hair ends restores, the stimulation of hair growth takes place. After applying the mask your hair will be strong and healthy, the volume will increase and your hair will shine.
   Also the hair mask contains in its composition such components as spirulina and laminaria extracts , rosemary and grapefruit oils  which give additional effect to this remedy.
   Marine algae are the large group in the plant kingdom which contains more than 30,000 species. The marine algae contain valuable components, and are the source of biologically active substances. Spirulina extract is often used in the products for hair care because it can protect them from the adverse effects of the environment. Laminaria extract refreshes and tones up the scalp, improves cell respiration.
   Rosemary oil  tones up vessels and nerve endings, it helps to relieve the sense of tension and fatigue.
   Grapefruit oil  is saturated with vitamin C. It regulates fat metabolism, cleans, disinfects and tones up the skin. Grapefruit oil strengthens and nourishes the hair, gives it healthy and shiny look.

How to use: spread the mask on the clean wet hair with massage moves. Leave for 5-10 minutes then wash it thoroughly off. After gel application wash your hands thoroughly. Avoid eye and other mucous coat contact.
Caution: spongilla action is based on the mechanical skin irritation which is determined by silicic needles content, which penetrate in the upper layer of epidermis causing local irritation of the hypodermic capillaries, which is followed by weak warming effect and temporary skin reddening. It proves the effective prophylactic action of the gel.
Contraindication: individual sensitivity to the components.
Stop application and consult your doctor with the appearance of hypersensitivity reaction.
Recommendations on storage: store in a dry, dark place at a temperature of +5 to +20 ° C.
Period of validity - 24 months from date of manufacturing.

Certified by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine
TS U 05.0-30192477-002-2002