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Gel “Scrub with Spongilla”

   Gel "Scrub with Spongilla” exfoliates dead cells of the top layer of skin, deep cleanses the pores, leaving the skin healthy. Activates blood circulation, prevents the appearance of acne, reduces the process of separation of fat. Botanicals scrub: Spongilla, aloe and calendula simultaneously cleanses, tones and nourishes the skin.
   The gel has an active absorbing and antibacterial actions, activates blood flow, dilates blood vessels, provides updates and rejuvenating effect.
   Spongilla lacustris  is the representative of the Spongia type and belongs to the sponge silicon group (Cornacuspongia, Spongillidae Family).Traditionally it was used as a ground Spongia powder, silica which has needles which penetrate in the upper layer of epidermis  causing local irritation of the cutaneous covering, hypodermic capillary and blood vessels expansion, which occur deeper. It facilitates the activization of the superficial blood supply, relieving of local pain, it provides dispersion on the affected areas. While using spongilla biologically active substances (such as autakoids, kenins, histamines, prostaglandins) are locally released. These substances facilitate healing of the injured tissues, scars and indurations resorption, they also renew local immunity and protective skin functions.
   Aloe vera and calendula contain many active substances, such as antraglikozidy: aloin, nataloin, rabarberon, emodin, resinous substances, enzymes, volatile, and vitamins A, C and E. The extracts of these plants enhance the regenerative processes in tissues, normalizes microcirculation and the delivery of oxygen and nutrients substances necessary for skin cells, antiseptic and bactericidal action.
   Properties of the gel "Scrub with Spongilla”:
- exfoliates dead skin cells;
- has a soft but deep cleansing, toning and update actions;
- removes pigment spots and stagnant;
- assists with acne, normalizing sebum and preventing clogging of pores;
- Has antiseptic and antibacterial action;
- strengthens the protective function of the skin.
How to use: Apply scrub to wet skin massage movements. Thoroughly rinse with warm water and dry with a face towel. Use 1 time a week. Avoid contact with eyes and scrub other mucous membranes. Perhaps temporary redness of the skin.
Contraindication: individual sensitivity to the components.
Stop application and consult your doctor with the appearance of hypersensitivity reaction.
Recommendations on storage: store in a dry, dark place at a temperature of +5 to +20 ° C.
Period of validity - 24 months from date of manufacturing.

Certified by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine
TS U 05.0-30192477-002-2002