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Gel " Face Gel – Mask with Spogilla"

   Mask with Spongilla activates the breathing of the skin and increases the penetration of supplemental oxygen, either through subcutaneous capillaries and through purified by procedures pores. The skin is supple, smooth fine wrinkles. In addition, ground silica needles that fall into the top layer of the epidermis, deep clean pores, hemming them, reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands.  Mask with Spongilla will help get rid of the traces of fatigue and aging skin. In addition, badyaga narrows pores.
   Spongilla lacustris  is the representative of the Spongia type and belongs to the sponge silicon group (Cornacuspongia, Spongillidae Family).Traditionally it was used as a ground Spongia powder, silica which has needles which penetrate in the upper layer of epidermis  causing local irritation of the cutaneous covering, hypodermic capillary and blood vessels expansion, which occur deeper. It facilitates the activization of the superficial blood supply, relieving of local pain, it provides dispersion on the affected areas. While using spongilla biologically active substances (such as autakoids, kenins, histamines, prostaglandins) are locally released. These substances facilitate healing of the injured tissues, scars and indurations resorption, they also renew local immunity and protective skin functions.
   However, not everyone knows that the ability of Spongilla is exfoliate damaged and old skin, used in cosmetics to improve the aging skin, smoothing and removal of wrinkles, scars, acne, and age spots.
   Marigold extract contains many active ingredients that enhance the built up in tissues, normalize blood circulation, supplying oxygen and nutrients needed by the skin cells, provide antiseptic, bactericidal effect.
   Plantain extract has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibacterial action, thanks to valuable tannins, vitamins, volatile, as contained in the leaves and roots of plantain.
   Ylang-ylang is known since ancient times. It and then used as a tool for skin care. It has antioxidant activity, the ability to normalize the volume of fat secretion of the skin. Effect of ylang ylang beneficial for sensitive, damaged, oily skin. The oil is gently disinfects and refreshes, stimulates blood circulation in the capillaries and nourishes skin cells.
   Cosmetic effect of rosemary oil due to its ability to tone the skin, to give it the youth and elasticity. Rosemary oil disinfects and anti-inflammatory effect.
   Good mask rejuvenates the skin comes to life, and age spots begin to disappear. Due to natural botanicals masks that contain a lot of nutrients, your skin becomes radiant, elastic, flexible and healthy.
Method of application: on advance cleansed skin of face uniformly apply the mask, avoiding the eye area. After 10-15 minutes, wash off the mask. Then apply anti-wrinkle cream.
To achieve a rapid effect mask is recommended at least twice a week..

Caution: spongilla action is based on the mechanical skin irritation which is determined by silicic needles content, which penetrate in the upper layer of epidermis causing local irritation of the hypodermic capillaries, which is followed by weak warming effect and temporary skin reddening. It proves the effective prophylactic action of the gel.
Contraindication: individual sensitivity to the components.
Stop application and consult your doctor with the appearance of hypersensitivity reaction.
Recommendations on storage: store in a dry, dark place at a temperature of +5 to +20 ° C.
Period of validity - 24 months from date of manufacturing.

Certified by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine
TS U 05.0-30192477-002-2002