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Gel “Basketplant with Spongilla “Stop Radiculitis”

   Gel Basketplant with Spongilla "Stop Radiculitis” - an effective tool for pain in the joints, spine, trauma and shock. Gel provides effective analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, and bactericidal action.
   Basketplant has strong healing properties. This is the best natural remedy to help with the treatment of: the joints, spine, trauma and shock. The Basketplant and its biological activity due to the presence in it: carotenoids, pectin, tannins, catechins, ascorbic acid, flavonoids - known biologically active compound group in conjunction with microquantities different elements that have on the human body a significant effect.
   Spongilla lacustris is the representative of the Spongia type and belongs to the sponge silicon group (Cornacuspongia, Spongillidae Family).Traditionally it was used as a ground Spongia powder, silica which has needles which penetrate in the upper layer of epidermis  causing local irritation of the cutaneous covering, hypodermic capillary and blood vessels expansion, which occur deeper. It facilitates the activization of the superficial blood supply, relieving of local pain, it provides dispersion on the affected areas. While using spongilla biologically active substances (such as autakoids, kenins, histamines, prostaglandins) are locally released. These substances facilitate healing of the injured tissues, scars and indurations resorption, they also renew local immunity and protective skin functions.
Basketplant and Spongilla increased presence of chamomile and arnica.
   Camomile has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and analgetic actions.  
   Arnica helps in the treatment of injuries, bruises, burns and frostbite.
   The properties of the gel:
   Gel components mutually reinforce each other's actions than contribute to enhanced blood circulation in the affected area. Gel improves tissue nutrition, anti-inflammatory effect, improves mobility and function of the affected joints. This prevents the occurrence of recurrent processes and restores injured tissues.
   Gel Basketplant with Spongilla "Stop Radiculitis” is recommended for:
- neuralgia, radiculitis, myositis;
- arthritis, polyarthritis;
- muscle and joint pain of various origins;
- bruising, swelling, hematomas.

Method of application: Apply a thin layer to the injured area 2-3 times a day. After applying of gel wash your hands thoroughly. Avoid eye contact with gel and other mucous membranes.
Contraindication: individual sensitivity to the components.
Stop application and consult your doctor with the appearance of hypersensitivity reaction.
Recommendations on storage: store in a dry, dark place at a temperature of +5 to +20 ° C.
Period of validity - 24 months from date of manufacturing.

Certified by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine
TS U 05.0-30192477-002-2002