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«Active Boron»

   It is recommended as additional source of the boron.
   Microelements play one of the most important roles in the organism. And even the lack of the one unnoticeable element can cause the undesirable results. One of such "unnoticeable” but very important microelements for the organism is boron.
   Its main function is to maintain the bone health. Besides, it takes part in the processes of metabolism of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and improves the brain function.
   Boron is especially useful for women of the postmenopausal age who are prone to osteoporosis.
   It is found out that the lack of the microelement slows down the thinking process, lowers the capacity to concentrate – a person becomes sleepy; also the attention lowers and reaction slows down. Boron is used for prevention of post-menopausal osteoporosis, helps in cases of arthritis because it has important function in bones tissue forming, facilitates its strength. It was noticed that there are less cases of arthritis in the countries with the sufficient boron use. Such conclusion was made in one of the researches: everyday use of 6 mg of the mineral during the period of eight weeks considerably weakens the symptoms of arthritis and has beneficial action in cases of severe osteoarthritis. It is provided that boron improves calcium assimilation by the bones tissue. Boron helps woman's organism to adapt to the changes during and after menopause. It lowers the calcium loss in woman's organism in two times (calcium is the main component of the bones which can be eliminated from the organism together with the urine). This action is performed by means of normalization of the endocrine profile, improvement of the testosterone and estrogen balance in the organism which are produced in very little quantity in the organism of every woman.
   Also boron lowers the content of oxalate in urine which forms kidney-stones in combination with calcium. Boron improves brain function and attention, takes part in the regulation of central nervous system, influences the function of the thyroid body and genital glands, facilitates muscles building. It is found out that boron facilitates lowering of the main metabolism of people who have thyrotoxicosis, accelerates hypoglycemic action of the insulin. There is information which shows the positive effect of boron on the growth, on the possibility to prolong the span of life. Boron oppresses the actions of the certain ferments (catalysis and surplus phosphatase) as well as hormones. Late in life it is recommended to use additional boron every day because during this time there are problems with calcium absorption. The lack of boron in the organism accelerates the lack of the vitamin D3 symptoms. In order to fulfill this lack, vitamin D3 and calcium are included in the composition of this remedy, correlation of which increases the positive actions of the bioadditive.
   Calcium  takes part in metabolism, keeps the blood pressure in the norm. It is responsible for the permeability of the blood vessels. It is important in the process of forming the bones and teeth. Calcium is the base of all skeletal system.
   Vitamin D3 regulates the mineral metabolism, especially calcium- phosphoric. And calcium is very important mineral for keeping the bones healthy. Vitamin D3 keeps permanent necessary level of calcium and phosphor in the blood. It facilitates calcium deposition in the bones but not on the vessels walls.
   The researches showed that boron helps the organism to use vitamin B complex better – nutrients responsible for calcium accumulation in the bones. There is such vitamin B complex in this remedy:  B1, B2, B6, B9.
   Vitamin В1 (thiamine)  takes part in metabolism, especially in carbohydrate metabolism, positively influences the functioning of the nervous system. It raises energy and improves the capacity to study. Thiamine helps people in cases of liver diseases, rheumatic pains and migraines, in case of gastritis with the lowered habitat function.
   Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)  takes part in the processes of the cells respiration, fat, proteins and carbohydrate metabolism. Also it takes part in the blood formation of the antibodies. It stimulates wound healing, keeps skin healthy. Vitamin B2 is necessary in cases of stress, muscle tiredness, spasms and for people with the weak immunity.
   Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)  plays an important role in protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism. It takes part in formation of the red blood bodies and antibodies, as well as in DNA and RNA synthesis. It is necessary in cases of long lasting stresses, fatigability, appetite disorders, it helps to fight with depression. Vitamin B6 can prevent eye, brain, nervous system diseases helping to improve the blood circulation in these organs.
   Japanese scientists found out new pyridoxin property: it facilitates the improvement of the blood circulation of brain and eyes, prevents from the premature aging of the cells of these organs.
   Vitamin B9 (folic acid)  helps in cases of depressions, increased anxiety, takes an active part in the processes of regulation of the functions of the blood formation organs, produces antianemic action in cases of anemia, maintains immune system. Vitamin B9 positively influences the bowels and liver functions, increases the content of the choline in liver and prevents its fatty infiltration.
   Folic acid  maintains immunity system, promotes normal formation and function of the white blood bodies. Folic acid helps in cases of depression and hyper anxiety.  
   Moreover, dietary supplement "Active Boron” is enriched with vitamin E. It is well-known antioxidant which can protect the cells from the damaging actions of the radicals. The tissues of the organism are secured from damaging reactions, and as a result the body state improves and the youth of the organism is prolonged.
   Vitamin E protects other fat-soluble vitamins from the oxygen destruction, promotes vitamin A fixing and protects it from the oxygen. Vitamin E delays aging, can prevent age pigmentation; it is necessary for muscle strengthening and it keeps the skin healthy.

It is not a medicinal agent.

Caution when using: individual sensibility to the components.
How to use: adults should take 1 pill 3 times a day with food. Before using consult the doctor.
Course of using: to 1 month, later consult the doctor concerning the course of using.
Keep away from moisture at a temperature not above 25 C.
Shelf-life: 2 years from manufacturing date.

Certified by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

ТУ У 15.8-30192477-001-2003