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Experience of ancestors

Nature has always been a source of beauty and human health. Knowledge of many plants were passed from grandfather and great-grandfather, fortunately, survived until today. Now, this centuries-old experience of the properties of natural substances is actively used by pharmacology.
The development team of "Euro Plus" has taken into account treatment possibilities of natural components when creating a gel. At first we have recollected about the healing properties undeservedly forgotten spongilla. In ancient times it was used in case of problems with musculoskeletal system. Pharmacologists did not forget and bee venom (apitoxin), which helps with pain in the joints and spine. Apitherapy, ie bee venom therapy, was known in ancient Egypt, India, China and Greece. Modern medicine recommends apitoxin to reduce pain and inflammatory phenomena in joints and muscles of rheumatic and other origin, neuralgia, sciatica. Therefore, a unique mix of spongilla and bee venom - is the foundation of innovative Gel "Bee venom with spongilla." The drug helps with diseases of the joints and spine, reduces pain in sciatica and rheumatism. Stop there - not in the rules of company specialists "Euro Plus". Therefore, they continue to search for new solutions to create efficient products. After a painstaking study of the natural components developers paid attention to the snake venom, that in ancient times was used to treat ailments. Thus, a unique formula was created: "Gel + spongilla + snake venom." It includes perfectly combines snake venom, spongilla, extracts of comfrey and aloe. Comfrey extract is effective at inflammations or pains in the joints and vertebrae,
Aloe extract has anti-inflammatory action. Snake venom has an analgetic action, stimulates tissue regeneration, and spongilla provides warming and analgesic action. Due to this the optimal combination of components gel is effective for sciatica and rheumatism, arthritis, osteochondrosis.
A group of professionals "Euro Plus" has not ceased studying the gifts of nature, so the range of gels replenished with one more new formula: "Gel + peppers + spongilla." It is proved that sized pepper extract almost does not provoke allergic reactions, so it is very secure in the gel. This component has a warming effect, initiates local rush of blood and relieves pain spongilla and provides resorption on the damaged area. Extracts of aloe and chamomile, which are in the gel, have analgesic and anti-inflammatory actions. "Capsicum with spongilla" are indispensable in combating the effects of strains, sprains and muscle inflammation and - with joint pain, rheumatism, arthritis.
Knowledge of natural substances or medicinal plantsgained over centuries, survived until today. It found its quite a logical expression in unique formulas of gels from "Euro Plus". In the future, the company's specialists will create still many drugs to cope with the pressing problems of a human.