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Experience of ancestors

Nature has always been a source of beauty and human health. Knowledge of many plants were passed from grandfather and great-grandfather, fortunately, survived until today. Now, this centuries-old experience of the properties of natural substances is actively used by pharmacology.


Your body will open up new opportunities, if …

If we learn to use the knowledge about the world surrounding us and will use medicines made using natural products. History has not preserved the name of the man who discovered useful properties of Spongilla. But we know that the needles contained in the powder of silicon sponge, the Slavs rubbing the body instead of mustard plasters.


Movements without pain and efforts

Human joints can be called natural hinges thanks to which we carry out all our movements. In our organism there are about 200 joints, and each of it - performs its own individual function. However, with age the ability to update the joint cartilage and synovial fluid that serves as a joint lubricant loses its quality and reduced in number. The result is the articular surfaces of the bones become rough, and each of our physical action is accompanied by "creaks", and because of the pain we begin to restrict our movement.


The nature works in the interest of beauty!

We can hardly find something more entertaining than the stories of our grandmothers about how they looked after themselves during the period of their youth. They made everything in order to be beautiful and attractive. Let's remember, for example, cheek colors from the beetroot or using eggs instead of shampoo. Nowadays the pharmacology and cosmetology are highly developed. It is easier for modern young ladies to look after themselves. Today it isn't difficult to fight for beauty. The range of cosmetics is rich and diverse. Better not lose your head!


Miraculous Spongilla

Modern medicine is in constant motion, in the search for new effective methods and means of treatment diseases. There is increasing new drugs and at the same time more and more diseases arise from not always rational use of pharmaceuticals. And at this time such as an indeed a miracle drug as spongilla was undeservedly forgotten. And after all its medicinal properties, natural and safety have been known since ancient times.