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Welcome to the website of the "Euro Plus"!

Today the private enterprise "Euro Plus" is the native producer of biologically active additives (BAA) and cosmetics on the territory of Ukraine. Our company is founded in 1997 and it was the wholesale distributor of pharmaceutical market for a long time. During this period we established a reputation as a reliable partner and responsible distributor.
During the period of work on the pharmaceutical market its state was deeply studied and analyzed and since 2002 the strategy was adopted concerning reorientation of the company’s activity from the wholesale to firm pills forms (capsules) as well as medicinal-cosmetic  drugs on the gel base.
Technology-intensive production of the biologically active additives (BAA) was approved and unique formulations of curative cosmetics were worked through. From this moment we actively collaborate with the largest wholesale distributors of pharmaceutical market as well as with the largest raw materials suppliers in Ukraine.

Manufacture of production is carried out in Dnipropetrovsk city on the imported equipment which is certified according to the standards and norms of GMP. Due to own production, powerful resource and productive potential, we create the product based on the latest developments according to high quality standards.   

During the period of its activity the strong partnership was launched with the leading scientific institutions as well as with their specialists. This refers to National University of Pharmacy in Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk state medical academy. In effective cooperation the formulation and the quality of our products’ components are developed and improved. Due to the monitoring by the relevant institutions and professionalism of their staff, partial clinical trials are held as well as our products are substantiated biomedically.

After Ukraine entered WTO, the company "Euro Plus" certifies its products and its working area according to the requirements of ISO-9001, ISO-22000, ISO-22716 and norms of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine and leading institutes of Kyiv: "Institute of ecohygiene and toxicology L. I. Medved”, "Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology A. N. Marzeiev”, "Institute of nutrition hygiene” as well as Sanitary epidemiological service of Dnipropetrovsk and region control, monitor the quality and safety of our products.
The main and prior principles of PE "Evro Plus” are: high quality and wide choice of goods, the latest scientific and technological developments and of course, taking care of our customers.

The aim of the company is to make our customers healthy, successful and happy. It is achieved in the first place by reasonable prices and high quality of production.
Cohesive and professional "Euro Plus" team takes care of its consumers’ health every day. We go with the times – we make the best use of experience and scientific developments of luminaries in medicine and pharmacy. That’s why you can be absolutely sure in our products’ quality.

So long as the competition in the BAA and cosmetics market today is pretty strong, "Euro Plus" set the following goal: to produce high quality products at reasonable and affordable prices.
As the competition in the market today, dietary supplements and skin care products is quite high, "Euro Plus" has set itself the following goal: to produce high quality products at reasonable and affordable prices.

Healthy future with "Euro Plus" is:

  • self-reliance and confidence in the future of those people who use our products;
  • products are manufactured with a glance of the latest developments in the sphere of biotechnologies and are in conformity with all necessary standards;
  • team of high-quality experts who take care of the company’s prosperity;
  • beneficial and trust relationship with all partners.
EP "Euro Plus" means your health!